Baxi Agent Account Activation | How to Activate Baxi Business Account

Baxi agent account activation is for Baxi account users that has completed the role of creating their account with Baxi app but doesn’t make useful use of their account since after account registration. If this act is directed to you then this tutorial is for you.

Hey! Baxi is an effective mobile wallet that is 24/7 accessible and reachable by users. You can only become a user when you create an account with the official steps shown and positioned for aspirants. Peradventure, you have created an account but still can’t make use of it. Actually, this your present condition is not the fault of Baxi. Who’s fault?

There’s still one more thing left for you to do and that is, Baxi agent account activation. This activation that we are currently addressing is for users that created Baxi account without BVN. Due to your BVN is not seen, your KYC process is not completed. Therefore, there is a high demand for you to activate this BVN so as to prove the authenticity of the account user.

Moreover, if you have not created account in Baxi this is how to do the account registration so that you will join others in making payments in a snap. On the other hand, it might interest you to know that Baxi is more or less like Paypal, Venmo or other e-mobile wallet you might have known. They so much concentrate on how to transfer fund from one location to the other. At this point, Baxi agent account activation will kick-off.

Baxi Account Registration

If you initially created Baxi agent account, it is no more necessary to put this tutorial into consideration because it is not meant for you while newbies will create account with the steps shown. However, we will not show you how to create account without BVN so that you will not go through same stress as the victimized.

(1) Download Baxi Mobile App 

Do you have Baxi mobile app already? You need to get it from your Google play store or App store because that is the only place to get it. The apk must be available for you to start the account registration, funding and performing transactions with the Baxi account.

(2) It’s Time to Open Account

At this point, several information will be needed but let it occur to you that your full names, email address, phone number, gender, username, local government area and other residential address. Meanwhile, before you starting making entry of these details, you must have chosen to login with your BVN.

So, it will save you from making entry of full details.

(3) Verify Phone Number

The phone number affiliated with your BVN will be needed here. If the phone number is no more, it will be preferable for you to follow the no-BVN path of registration so that you will indicate an available and accessible phone number that will be used for the verification.

(4) Create Authentication PIN

The authentication PIN is chosen numbers that you are only aware of. This PIN is used to authenticate that each request is from an authorized user. Do not try to reveal this PIN to a third party for security sake. Just like you created 4-digit PIN for authenticating transactions in your bank mobile app, same thing is applicable here. So, beware!.

Baxi Agent Account Activation

If you created Baxi account without BVN, this section is for you. Nevertheless, if you skipped the major process which is opening Baxi account with BVN just because you don’t have a valid Bank Verification Number or you don’t have any at all, it is better for you to skip this totally because same verification number is still needed.

Here we are with the comprehensive and refined guide on how to undergo Baxi agent account activation. You ought to know that it is not possible to open Baxi account fully without BVN. So, at the end of the account registration, this entry will be prompted as shown below:

  • Once you see “Submit BVN”
  • Capture or upload your picture on the page.
  • Enter your BVN
  • Submit the BVN by tapping on Submit. Verification will commence immediately so as to ensure that the picture is same as the one seen in the BVN.
  • Your account will kick start immediately after successful verification.

Are you okay now? Simply indicate on the comment box below if this information was helpful.

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