6 Apps That Reward You for Exercising

6 Legit Apps That Pay You to Workout

One of the most mainstream New Year’s goals consistently is to get fit and get in shape. Tragically, it’s additionally one of the most broken goals too.

Maybe if there was to a greater extent a money related prize attached to getting fit as a fiddle, it would be simpler, or possibly if there was an approach to remain progressively responsible.

Luckily, there exist some exceptionally astute cell phone applications that will assist you with both.

Here are six of the most well known applications that will really pay you to exercise and help keep you responsible all the while.


1. WellCoin


The people at WellCoin have built up a portable application that gives you remunerates focuses for doing solid things.

From resting seven hours every night, to drinking a lot of water, to going for a run, you’ll acquire WellCoins for doing the entirety of the abovementioned.

Procure enough coins and you can reclaim them for exercise gear, solid nourishment, and even exercise classes in your general vicinity.

The application is an extraordinary instrument to help keep you responsible for the duration of the day.

2. DietBet


The DietBet application is a great method to follow your weight reduction objectives, remain responsible, and tap into your serious side.

Basically the application allows you join “Games,” pay a little section charge, and go up against other inspired people to attempt to lose a specific level of weight in a particular measure of time.

Dominate the match and you’ll part the pot with the various champs.


3. Healthy Wage

Healthy Wage

The Healthy Wage application is like DietBet, with a couple significant contrasts. While you get paid by winning weight reduction challenges, the application concentrates more on the client making difficulties with loved ones just as corporate difficulties.

The provokes make for a great method to keep tabs on your development and connect with other people who are likewise attempting to build up a more beneficial way of life.

You can sign up to 10 difficulties one after another, just as essentially make individual difficulties that will keep you responsible.

You make good some cash, join the difficulties that premium you, and attempt to win some significant bucks. Allude companions to the test and your rewards develop generously.

4. Charity Miles

In case you’re hoping to get into shape and are the sort who consistently offers cash to your preferred foundations, at that point the Charity Miles application merits a look.

The application basically gives cash to your preferred foundation whenever you “walk, run, bicycle, skip, move or any human-focused action.”

By utilizing your cell phone’s GPS, Charity Miles can without much of a stretch track your development and track your action. The more you move, the more cash your cause gets.

Sound unrealistic? Noble cause Miles is totally genuine and pays out by means of corporate supporters like Humana, Johnson and Johnson, and Chobani.




The free PACT application is an astute sound living cell phone application that keeps you responsible, both as far as diet and exercise.

The application works by permitting you to make week by week “agreements” with yourself to either eat more advantageous or exercise more.

When your agreements are set, you pick how much cash you’ll pay other PACT individuals in the event that you don’t contact them.

On the flipside, on the off chance that you do arrive at your agreements, you get paid by different individuals. So basically you bring in cash by remaining solid and you get paid by the individuals who don’t.

You may just make a couple of dollars seven days, however the application keeps you responsible and makes for simple objective setting.

In addition, it lets you interface with other well known wellbeing applications like RunKeeper, Fitbit, MapMyRun, and MyFitnessPal.

6. FitCoin


The FitCoin application is another great method to procure awards with your Fitbit or any wellness tracker bolstered by the Apple Health application on your iPhone.

Once the application is adjusted to your wellness tracker, you basically begin consuming calories by strolling, running, or heading out to the exercise centre, and begin winning “FitCoins” for your endeavours.

Your consumed calories transform into FitCoins which can be reclaimed in the FitCoin boutique for cool stuff like Amazon gift vouchers.

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